Don’t Hide The Aldehydes (Perfume Thoughts: Yours Truly, Maria L)

NMC1V5U_mkI can no longer keep up with all these niche brands, so it wasn’t a surprise to me that I had never heard of the Maria L line when I chanced upon it at Scent Bar. Maria L is short for Maria Lux, and was founded by Alessandro Gualteri and his wife, Lillian Dreisen (He is also the founder of the famous niche line Nasomatto). Why Maria L, then ? She is apparently the muse of this line. ” Maria as virgin, mother, lover. Lux stands for light, luxury, and lust,” she explains. Okay. It’s a bit pretentious, for sure, and look at this, their mission statement. (This is embossed on the bottle)


Everything I own smells of you.

This project has been created with all my love:

This is me, it’s my love story.

Where something beyond and infinite

Becomes so small in your hands.

You can hold me, use me, abandon me,

Conceal me behind your dreams.

Take me, carry me, wear me. To lay me down again.

You will smell of me and I’ll belong to you.

It’s you, your love story.

Yours truly, madly, deeply,


A whole lot of ideas for a scent. But the smell, the smell – that’s the most important thing, right? “Truly Deeply” is heavenly. I sniffed it and fell in love instantly. Imagine an old fashioned Guerlain or Chanel. Aldehydes galore. Then have it explode with more aldehydes. If you cannot stand aldehydes, do not even think of sampling this – this is it at its purest form. It smells synthetic, it smells plasticy, but above all, it smells like perfume used to smell. (Someone said it smelled like a doll!) I am obsessed with it. There’s a faint hint of white floral there – indeterminate – but aldehyde is queen here. The perfume is sort of a wink – it is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously (the bottle is even reminiscent of the old Dior bottles)  It just makes me smile.

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