A Ferry To Forget (Movie Thoughts: Staten Island Summer)

resizeThe idea seemed promising: a young man’s last summer, before moving to go to school to Harvard. He spends it as a lifeguard in the neighborhood pool in Staten Island. (This kind of film genre was very popular in the 80s) Sure, I expected rowdy sex romped humour, but I also wanted a little bit of heart – something that will show that last pivotal summer, before we lose ourselves in the next phase of our lives. “Staten Island Summer” had none of either for me. The funny part was just unfunny, and the human part just dull. Graham Phillips, who I like a lot on “the Good Wife,” seems lost here, probably wondering, just like the audience, what he is doing here. He looks depressed. The rest of the cast – admittedly, an all sar one – just seems to be passing by. It makes you wonder why they said yes to the project, except to get in the good graces of Lorne Michaels. The jokes, in the era of Judd Apatow, seems timid and uninspired. It’s all lifeless, and I keep wondering who would see this. The baby boomers who grew up with SNL?  College Students, who watch late Saturday night TV, will surely find this lame. With all the great talent around this movie, it’s infinitely baffling why it is so lame.

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