Purple Leather Jacket (Perfume Thoughts: Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste)

3605521349293_GAB-Prive-CuirAmethyste-1000x1000-r1Look at that bottle, that little purple gem on top. It’s a little literal. Armani Privé Cuie Amethyste, can be described in two words: violet leather. Think of a supple leather bag, and add some powdery violets inside, shake, and…smell. That’s basically the perfume. And I like it a lot, because it is unique. As it dries down, it goes just a tiny bit gourmand: there is vanilla, and some stewed fruits (plums? I am still on a purple streak here) that borders Serge Lutens-esque and it feels like a sudden left turn from where the fragrance started, but it goes right back to he leather, and some benzoine. And Aldehydes, and more violets. It’s sweet and on my skin a little bit musky (I bet on a woman’s skin it smells more delicate)  If you have been searching for a scent with violets and you cannot find Apres L’ondee (still my favorite violet of all time) this will be a great substitute.

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