Smelling Like The Nineteen Nineties (Perfume Thoughts: Calvin Klein CK One)

ck1I think I have mentioned before that I love tea-based scents, and this morning I was reminded of one when I wore Calvin Klein’s CK One – talk about a scent that brings back so many memories. I remember when this was launched – it was 1994 and it was revolutionary to have a scent that caters to both men and women. You had half naked waif-ish beautiful people in the ads, and I remember this was sold at Tower Records (I mean, remember dedicated record stores?) so you can purchase one with your Madonna CD. But sometimes your memory is better than today’s reality. Sure, my taste has matured, but the green tea note now to me seems overly sweet, and the mixed-fruit drydown for me is cloying and synthetic smelling. Did I really wear this everyday and enjoy it? I can barely endure wearing it now, and want to go straight to the showers. I know a lot of people consider this to be a modern classic, and I guess it is, but things ain’t what used to be.

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