Isn’t It Rome-antic? (Book Thoughts: Rome In Love, Anita Hughes)

romeTo gear up for my visit to Rome, I started reading Anita Hughes’ “Rome In Love,” a love story set in Rome. I figured why not envision myself in the Eternal City in love with someone right? Well, my time in Rome wasn’t as romantic as the book (Though I enjoyed myself there nonetheless)  Anita Hughes has fashioned a readable book, that is part tribute to Audrey Hepburn and lightly based on her movie “Roman Holiday.”  There are a lot of things going on here: there’s the story of Amelia Tate, who is filming a remake of said movie. While in Rome, she meets Sophie, who is a princess hiding from her family before she embarks on an arranged marriage. There’s is also Amelia discovering Audrey Hepburn’s actual letters while staying at the same  Hassler Hotel suite, chronicling her emotional turmoil while filming the movie. yes, it could be a bit much, for sure, but Hughes knows how to not get too deep with the plots that it would confuse the reader. Rome is set beautifully in the book, and it was a treat to be reading about the monuments, food, and fashion as I myself was traipsing all over the city – it definitely enriched my sightseeing experience. It would have been most ideal if I had met a handsome Roman while reading this book, but we can’t have everything.

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