Hey Mr. DJ (Film Thoughts: We Are Your Friends)

We-Are-Your-Friends-2-600x889I think Zac Efron can film himself reading the phone book and I will watch it. I really do think he is a good actor. But, as he got older, a lot of his naturalness has dissipated – a kind of self-awareness has crept in his performances, and it has become more and more noticeable. Still, there’s that charm that wets movie theater seats, and there is plenty of that evident in his new movie, “We Are Your Friends.”  Directed by Max Joseph, it aspires to be a sort-of coming of age EDM version of ‘Saturday Night Fever.”  Efron’s natural instincts makes his Cole almost believable. But the part is so underwritten he really can only do so much. This is one of those films where three quarters into the movie, it still is frantically searching for a plot, and you are thinking to yourself, it better get here soon. Wes Bentley, as DJ James Reed, gives his character a bit of gravitas, but then again that is more because of his skills than anything else. His scenes with Efron are so good you have to think they are improvised. Maybe the reason I am disconnected with the movie is because it centers around the plight of millennials: their struggles in finding their entitled selves in the world. As an oldie compared to them, I want to just say, suck it up.

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