On The Wings Of Love (Book Thoughts: Wing Girl, Nic Tatano)

18301127Nic Tatano’s “Wing Girl” was one of the books I finished while I was on vacation. I remember starting a couple of books until I settled on this – it seems light and fluffy enough to read, perfect as I look out the ocean. At first glance, there is a lot to dislike about the book: it’s a little sexist and archaic – one of those books where the female lead character has to change herself before she finds a man. But, I can overcome that because in its heart lies a sweet love story: of two people who keeps on tempting fate, but yes, in fact, if you believe in these sort of things, fate has a way of putting two people together, whether they like it or not. There was a scene in the book that got to me – when the main character got sick, and Vinnie, her love interest, just took charge and took care of her. As someone who is now living alone, I couldn’t help but project myself in the same situation: what if the same thing happened to me? Will there be someone out there who will take care of me? That sounds a little obnoxious (me! me! me!) but I guess it makes me want to that special person out there…

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