The Boulevard Of Broken Hearts (Film Thoughts: Boulevard)

downloadThere is a lot to like in “Boulevard,” which is billed as Robin William’s last leading role film. Directed by Dito Monteil, it tells the story of Nolan, played by Williams, who is a man trapped in the closet and in a sexless marriage to Joy (Kathy Baker) Nolan accidentally chances upon a male hustler, Leo (Roberto Aguire) and as with these closet cases, it opens a flood of repressed desire, longing, everything. Nolan gets as close to obsessed with Leo, without the sex, and that baffles the latter. But I understand – sometimes it’s just a man’s simple touch that one desires. Williams is restrained here – sometimes too much, but that’s okay – and turns in a fine performance. It is always nice to see him give less as we are always used to seeing his manic side. You sense his loneliness through the dead eyes, the rote life he leads. I sometimes think, after a certain age, it’s companionship that one wants, and sometimes you just take it where you can, and if it is a wife, then so be it. But will you always want more? And who wouldn’t fall in love with Aguire’s soulful eyes? The quiet intensity between them is the heart of the movie, but Monteil gets caught with tiresome storytelling between Leo and his pimp, and it cheapens the whole proceedings. But there is a whole lot of heart here, even if sometimes you have to search for it. I liked it more than I didn’t, and I do recommend it.

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