On a Roller Coaster (Book Thoughts: Life On The Ramona Coaster, Ramona Singer)

25885796I like Ramona Singer on “The Real Housewives Of New York.” She is crass and insufferable, but boy you cannot deny she is entertaining. So I was curious to read her book “Life On the Ramona Coaster,” and it’s such a flat read that I am thankful it is so short that I did not feel like I wasted a lot of time on reading it. She repeatedly says – I use the verb “say” as I know she didn’t really “write” this – that she joined the reality show to promote her business ventures, and no doubt she feels the same way about writing this book. There isn’t an authentic emotion here – all brand dropping and manufactured anecdotes. Even when she gets serious – like talking about her father’s abusive episodes or the breakup of her marriage – I felt like she was holding back. To write more would be to waste more time on this book.

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