Face Off (Television Thoughts: I Am Cait Season Finale)

COkp9YlUEAAsT96I guess I should comment on the season finale of “I Am Cait,” since I have been commenting about the series all season. This may be the last time the series airs, as its renewal is up in the air. I think that would be a shame, because I think the show has shown a community that doesn’t really get that much exposure, and it has been positive exposure. Do I feel like it will be renewed? My gut is saying no, but I am happy to be proven wrong. Much has been written in the press as to how the ratings have dwindles since its premiere, and I don’t really know where it stands right now, rating wise. I know I have commented before that I think parts of the show is boring, but I stress that it is doing really important work. Tonight’s finale has the final showdown between Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, and it was quite poignant. Do I think it’s as unscripted? Probably not, but there are glimpses of authentic emotion over there, and whatever you think of Kris, you cannot help but feel just a little bit of empathy for her. The season ends with Caitlyn having a name-change ceremony/celebration, and the show leaves us on a high note, with performances from Boy George and Candis Cayne. It leaves us singing, and hoping.

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