Open A New Window (Book Thoughts, A Window Opens)

23569783Elizabeth Egan’s book “A Window Opens” didn’t feel like a novel. It felt like an experience. At times I had to stop I had to stop and check Goodreads to see if this was a memoir, not a novel. It all felt real, and personal, like reading someone’s journals. I was so into this book that I couldn’t tear myself away from reading. This is the story of Alice, who took a job at fictional company ‘Scroll” after her husband quits his corporate lawyer job after being passed on for partnership. What we see is how a promising job became soulless position thanks to corporate-ism. We have all been there, and I remember being in her position, in a job I despised, close to being physically ill because of insurmountable stress. I am in a better place now, but reading about her plight gave me the same stomach symptoms. And, I really identified with the pain and numbness you feel after losing a parent, since I just went through that recently. I wept through those parts – it’s still all so painful – but I would read a paragraph later and something would make me laugh, while I still had those earlier tears in my eyes. My takeaway lesson from this book: When a door closes, open a window yourself.

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