It’s In His Kiss (Movie Thoughts: Ely & Naomi’s No Kiss List)

naomiely“Naomi And Ely’s No Kiss List” had me at its premise: what would happen if best friends end up liking the same guy? Based on the book by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, it has all the elements of something I would like. And then I realized that this is a movie about millennials, and it looks like it was filmed while the director, Kristin Hanggi, was chomping Adderall.  What could have been a poignant, sensitive story is a mish mash of a lot of things, and nothing in it quite works. First of all, Naomi (Victoria Justice) and Pierson Fodé both look good (check out the abs on him) but they have the depth of a gnat. I never believed that they were friends, and when they both tried to register hurt, it felt like it was a fight over lip gloss – they just read to me like self-absorbed narcissists. Furthermore, I don’t think they both liked Bruce 2 (Ryan Ward) enough to fight over him. (Seriously, Ely and Bruce 2 bond over an X-Men comic book and all of a sudden they are kissing?)  I am sure the book had a lot more depth (the parents’ problems are probably explored int he book more) but none of it translated here. One great point: it shows the charm of New York CIty’s West Village, sidestepping the neighbourhoud’s very commercial appeal now. So all in all, I was disappointed with this, as it showed so much promise.

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