Berry Sublime (Perfume Thoughts: The Different Company Sublime Balkiss)

69939WFor my birthday this year, a friend gave me a very precious gift: the Different Company’s Sublime Balkiss, and it’s a fantastic scent.  I don’t know why this scent went off my radar, I guess there’s just so much out there and one cannot keep up with everything.  Essentially, Sublime Balkiss (Balkiss is the name of the Queen Of Sheba) boasts of two main notes: Blackberries and patchouli.  The initial burst of blackberry has some citrus in it that zings – there is something boozy champagne-like in the opening on my nose. and the patchoul here is refined – this ain’t no hippie scent. This is a modern chypre (read: no oakmoss)  and yes, it feels modern, in the sense that it is vibrant. And on my skin on a hot Southern California day, the musk is amplified, and it emits liquid sex.  It reminds me of a more “up” version of L’Artisan’s Mure et Musc (which is more ethereal)  I was once wearing that at my office years ago and a lady told me that my perfume smelled like Ajax. I bet that won’t happen with Sublime Balkiss.

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