Pieces Of Crap (Television Thoughts: Life In Pieces)

Life-in-Pieces_CBS_SThere are only so much hours in a day. And I feel like I just wasted time watching the first two episodes of “Life In Pieces.” I had such high hopes for this, if only for the superlative cast: James Brolin, Dianne Wiest, Thomas Sadoski, among other names (Those first three are as good as it gets) But there is such mediocrity here that I am cringing for these fine folks. Not only did I not laugh one time, but I thought some of the points here are outright disgusting: situations about frozen gloves (don’t ask) and boys in driers are unbelievable if only for the fact that someone -anyone – thought this was funny. (I think the whole might work better as a family drama, but tha’ts if you want to salvage it)  The only thing I could think of while watching the show is that I hope Wiest is making enough money that she gets to keep her apartment, as I had read somewhere she was being priced out of New York City. As much as I want to root for her, I refuse to give this show even one more minute – it’s off my DVR.

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