She’s Got Blood And Honey (Television Thoughts: Blood & Oil, Sundays on ABC)

Blood_and_OilABC is spending a ton of money promoting “Blood And Oil.”  In the Los Angeles area, you cannot hit an intersection without being bombarded by a billboard or a poster of its show. Of course, I only see Chase Crawford in the pictures, as I have had a major crush on him. (My friend Peter says he can only see supermodel Amber Valetta) So I was looking forward to this show, The pilot, to me, was slightly underwhelming, though. As a prime time soap, and I don’t think this show has any other pretensions to be anything than that, falls short on epic moments – you know, the stuff people talk about at the water cooler the next morning. But, it isn’t bad either. The plot is a bit confusing, and too much happens on the first show for one to properly comprehend anything. And the acting, well let’s just say My dear Mr. Crawford probably will not get an Emmy for his work here. And Amber Valetta is still a bit stiff, but that may be from the poor dialogue too. All of this  would have been more than fine, if there was something in here – camp? glitz? skin? I read somewhere that after the pilot was picked up by the network, a different show runner was hired, so who knows what direction the show will take. So, I will hold out more judgement for this until it settles into its own skin.

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