Wasn’t It Romantic? (Movie Thoughts: Manhattan Romance)

ManhattanRomance2015_posterMaybe fifteen years ago, I would have loved and identified with “Manhattan Romance,” Tom O Brien’s film about singles living in New York City trying to navigate through relationships, friendships, and sexual relations. This is one of those films with an indie feel, and it is supposed to be intimate and personal.  And I guess stylistically I liked it – the characters felt like real people, and the actors felt authentic.  And I know these situations are probably inspired by real life and love events. There’s a scene there where Danny (played by O Brien) runs in the middle of Soho streets, frustrated, confused, exhilarated. I remember being there, being in that situation, running the same treads. This film perfectly captures that feeling of vulnerability – of the dueling mind vs. heart issues we all feel when we are unsure, insecure, when we can’t discern if what e feel is reciprocated, or valid. I just wish there were more to the stories here, instead of fragmented pieces. But, at where I am in my life right now, this film just does not connect with me anymore. I can;t help btu at times feel frustrated with these people, and that stems more from living these stories already. O Brien has a fine ear for what young people feel, and to quote Alan Jay Lerner, I’m glad I’m not young anymore. I don’t think I can deal with all this anymore. I have no more patience for it. Hence, my mixed feelings about the movie. But somewhere in Manhattan young people are figuring out their feelings, and this film accurately represents them.

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