Down To Earh (Book Thoughts: Unearthing Cole, A.M. Arthur)

17411153Before I even started reading A.M. Arthur’s ‘Unearthing Cole,” i knew how it would be, and I was right: a run-of-the-mill M/M romance probably written by a woman: nothing more, nothing less. This even had a premise you probably read before: a battered husband starting a new life, goes back to his hometown after his mother dies, and meets someone special. He is scared, and has his guards up because of the trauma brought about by his ex. Add a “suspense” angle of the possibility of said ex making a comeback, and well you know the rest. But something about the characters kind of got to me, maybe because I identified with losing your parents and starting your life over. And this one did not have as much gratuitous sex as other of its ilk, though it still had them. I finished the book in less than a day, so this served a good quick read.

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