Pushed To The Limited (Television Thoughts: Limitless, CBS)

limitless-publicity-releasejpg-82f1eeCBS’ new series “Limitless” showed such great promise, until its showed its limitations.  Based on the Bradley Cooper film of the same title (Cooper also has a minor role and executive produces the show) it has a sort of interesting concept, and the pilot is pretty good: Brian Finch (Jake McDormand, cute and charming in the role) takes a NZT pill which gives him “powers” to use every brain cell he has in his body. i don’t really get how that works, but he becomes super smart.  of course, the opportunistic FBI tries to enlist him, but only cautiously using him and his talent. Plus, a Senator (Cooper) gives him an injection that gives him the ability to not ehave the pill’s toxic side effects. The premise shows such promise –  you can just imagine how this can be expanded. But no, by the end of the pilot, I can feel that creeping sensation of ordinariness. Yuck, this becomes just another excuse for a procedural crime drama. And then they add a cliched “sexual tension” thing to the mix, and voila, the show suddenly feels so familiar. We’ve seen this all before. By the second episode, my fears are founded. But, I am holding out a little hope.  I am not taking it out of my DVR just yet, as I am kinda mesmerized by McDormand’s screen presence. Time will tell if that is enough to sustain my interest.

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