Life Is A Mystery (Perfume Thoughts: Serge Noire, Serge Lutens)

sergecrIt is kind of cold-ish today, but not really. But, I have been itching to wear a lot of my “cold weather” scents so I said sure why not? Today I wore Serge Noire, bu Serge Lutens.  I remember having a complex relationship with this scent. I remember where I was exactly when I first sniffed this – I was at Aedes, and it had just come in, and I was so excited to try it. And all that smoke, and all the weird top notes – clove? hot conammon? more clove? more smoke? – it was off putting, and I don’t think I gave it a fair chance. But I have a friend who wore this constantly, and when i used to hang out with him, I used to say “Are you sure that’s Serge Noire?”  and of course he was. And I started to get obsessed with it, and when I tried it again, and eventually bought, it became one of my favorite releases from all of Uncle Serge’s. It’s the dry down, stupid, I told myself, and indeed, it is. The cedar-y cinammon-y woodsy incense is so appealing that even right now, as I smell myself, I am transported to an old church, and all I could do is kneel and pray – in gratitude for a real perfume.

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