Three’s A Crowd (Movie Thoughts: Wasp)

11951798_686612231470160_747121233580195038_nIn the film “Wasp,” an attractive gay couple, Olivier (Simon Haycock) and James (Hugo Bolton) go on vacation at a French Chateau in Provence. They invite their friend Caroline (Elly Condron) to holiday with them. Things are awkward at first – Olivier and Caroline seem to be not too fond of each other. Caroline hears the two guys having sex and feels more lonely – or is she harbouring something else? There seems to be sexual tension between her and Olivier (he used to date girls before coming out) and something happens – it is implied but never shown that things get consummated between – that threaten to destroy friendship and partnerships. I love this film, as it shows complexities of human emotion, and physical and sexual attraction. It shows how we fall and get aroused by people, or bodies, or minds. Director Phillipe Audi-Dor uses a lot of symbolisms (insects, leaves) that depict the what is underneath, what lies beneath what people do and say, and it is fascinating. The Southern French locale enhances the tension, and we are caught n between these three people – what they feel, what they discover, what they hide. Wasp stings, and makes s question what we think we already know about ourselves.

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