The Others (Movie Thoughts: Sleeping With Other People)

sleepI am still in search of a romantic comedy for today’s times, and “Sleeping With Other People” comes close to satisfying my hunger. It doesn’t hit the bulls eye, but at least it is the same neighborhood. Written and directed by Leslye Hedland, the film covers familiar ground – two people who act and talk they are in love but will never admit to themselves, never mind each other, that they are. But of course, we the audience know it, and part of our great journey is seeing them get to that place. Lainey and Jake (Alison brie and Jason Sudeikis) play the don’t-wanna-be lovers, and they are fantastic both. They have subtle chemistry, and they put just enough vinegar in the the cutesy and otherwise cheesy moments so as to not make the whole thing syrupy. They are funny both, but when they are serious, you still believe. there is still a bit of Apatow in here (sex jokes and situations abound) but Hedland injects a softness and to me it does not come across too crude, as these comedies are wont to be. And it’s not dumb and witless. On the contrary, there’s intelligence in the screenplay. All in all, a great ninety two minutes.

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