GILF (Television Thoughts: Grandfathered, FOX)

grandfathered.766x431John Stamos looks good at 50, and that is taken to full advantage in his new sitcom “Grandfathered,” his new sitcom on FOX. It has a set up that is by teh numbers: a womanizing aging bachelor finds out not only that he has a son, but that said son also now has an infant child, making Jimmy (Stamos’ character) a grandfather. Hilarity ensues. Actually, I only say that with a little bit of irony. I was expecting a middling show, and I only got interested in this because I have had a crush on Stamos for the longest time. (I think of him as my generation’s Zac Efron)  I was surprised to find a show that’s easy going and  well-written. The jokes are quick in that did-i-miss-that style, and sometimes it takes you half a second to realize that half of them are quite funny. The first two episodes explore on the theme of Jimmy getting used to adapting himself to a more familial situation, and Stamos can do this role in his sleep – and he is fantastic, balancing quirkiness and physical comedy while playing to and with all his charms.  I hope that the tone’s half-cynical tone doesn’t get too watered in subsequent episodes, and they explore Jimmy’s character more than the cliched situations they have put them in. And now I have proclaimed that I do kind of like this show, I am sure it will get cancelled.

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