In El Lay (Music Thoughts, Richard Shelton, An Englishman In Love With LA)

frontThe other day, someone asked me why I always write about male singers. I shrugged, and thought to myself, well I always gravitate towards female singers more. I just enjoy listening to them more. So I wanted to write about a male singer next, and Richard Shelton’s “An Englishman In Love In Los Angeles”  fell on my lap. Shelton is somewhat of a Sinatra impersonator, but here, in this album, he sounds like his own person, which makes me wonder how he sounds when he is doing Sinatra-inspired shows (In London, he recreated Sinatra’s iconic ‘The Main Event’ concert with Luis Dearman and Caroline O’Connor) This album is a tribute of sorts to his new adoptive city, Los Angeles, and in interviews he says that he didn’t realize that he recorded this studio at Capitol, at the exact same studio where Sinatra recorded ‘My Way.”  And it’s  pleasant album, with very pleasant arrangements – with good versions of “Young At Heart,” and “Pure Imagination,” and “Smile,” among other songs.  It was kind of interesting to hear him sing “Oh What A Night” as a ballad, and that kind of mood permeates throughout the record. But that’s all I can say about this – nice. It is a good album to listen to on a Saturday afternoon, with a glass of wine, but I cannot really say I got emotionally connected to it. Not his fault.

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