Casual Casualties (Television Thoughts, Casual, Hulu)

casthThis truly seems to be the golden age of television, even if “television” now has many forms of definition. The pay service Hulu has created a new series titled “Casual,” and it has a bit of a pedigree: executive produced by Jason Reitman. (He even directed the first two episodes) I took a look at the first three episodes and it shows promise. This is the kind of project that I normally would devour – independent-movie looking piece about loving, dating, getting heartbroken in today’s day and age. But a whole lot of it seems familiar, and I see traces of things here that I have found in other shows, like “Younger,” and Girlfriend’s Guide To Divroce.” (Michaela Watkins even has a striking resemblance o Lisa Edelstein of teh latter show, and they are both basically playing the same role of a recently-divorced woman thrust in the Los Angeles dating scene)  The “twist” here is that Watkins’ character, Valerie, and her sixteen year old daughter moves in with her brother Alex (Tommy Dewey) and well, the story line plots can go in any direction. It’s still a compelling show, and the characters are fully formed. Watkins gives good straight performance, maintaining good balance so you take her seriously. This should only get better.

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