Just Like Jesse James (Movie Thought: Jess And James)

996a0239e7b4d91a31091d8aba2e5ff1“Jess & James” is an Argentinian gay road trip movie, and unfortunately that description is the only interesting thing about this movie. Directed by Santiago Giralt from his screenplay, this is the kind of movie where things happen and nothing makes sense. Giralt frames it with long scenes and you wonder to yourself, is something interesting going to happen now, but then nothing does. Plus, he cast two actors (Martin Karich and Nicholas Romero) who not only look alike but act alike. I couldn’t tell one from the other physically, and the only distinguishing personality one has from the other is a cowboy hat. And they have zero chemistry – I never believed they were a couple (but then maybe that’s the point?) When they invite a third person, Thomas (Frederico Fontan) you would think he would add sexual chemistry to the mix, but it still flat lined. Visually, the film is interesting, and that made the movie not as borign as it would have been, but in this case the beautiful frames are empty.

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