She Gives Love Love Crazy Love (Television Thoughts” Crazy Ex-Girldfriend, Pilot Episode, Mondays on The CW)

Crazy-Ex-Girlfriend-MAINI think I have found my new favorite television show. And it’s a musical, to boot.  It’s The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and it’s such a weird yet inventive show that one would be at a loss why it was greenlit.  It’s about a woman, Rebecca, (Rachel Bloom) who has harboured something – it surely isn’t love, isn’t it – when her camp boyfriend, Josh – dumps her. Cut to ten years later, and she is a successful lawyer in New York City, and while hyperventilating because she is being promoted to partner at her law firm, she thinks she gets a message from the universe where she has a chance encounter with Josh in the middle of the street. Of course, he is on his way back to live in West Covina, California. And what does Rebecca do? She drops everything – promotion, money, apartment – and moves there. (He doesn’t know it, of course) I have so many thoughts on this. First of all, Rodriguez, who plays Josh is Filipino American (he was born in Daly City, California) and it seems that the character is as well, and am I the onyl one who is connecting this to West Covina, California, which is known as The “Beverly Hills for Filipinos”  (I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but the show depicts the city as somewhat seedy)  Then, don’t we all have this fantasy when if our the-one-who-got-away calls, we would drop everything for that one person? The show is sometimes creepy – some scenes are cringe-worthy. But it also gives her another love interest – played by Santino Fontana, who to me,  will always be Prince Charming because he played that role in the Broadway revisal of “Cinderella.”  I have no idea where the show will go from here – I think that’s its best asset – and I can only go on for the ride. I don’t think the musical numbers here are strong as they were in “Smash.” They feel a little less organic, but they are more showy, in a “South Park” kind of way.  One thing is for sure, though: I will be watching.

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