When Love Is Green (Book Thoughts: Green Valentine, Lili Wilkinson)

25808675When I first started reading Lili WIlkinson’s “Green Valentine,” my first thought was that it was a cute story – your typical popular girl meets loner goth-like Asian boy and they meet cute, and have this adorable conflict going on. And it got my attention, imploring me to read more. But the main character, Astrid had another agenda, and it seemed teh author did, too. She wants readers – and presumably young readers since this book is marketed to them – to be aware of environmental issues, and projects to save our planet. I have to admit that these tended to be heavy handed and got lost in her telling of these people’s stories. I am not too mad about it, as I learned a lot of things from the book. But I just hope her target market wasn’t bored.

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