99 Problems And A Home Is One (Movie Thoughts: 99 Homes)

99-HOMES-movie-poster1“99 Homes” opened last week, and I had wanted to see it. I dis nto, and I notice that this week my local theater has it at two screenings a day. That’s a shame, because this movie, is one of the best I have seen this year. Written and Directed by Ramin Bahrani, it tells teh story of how people were screwed over  during the explosion of the mortgage bubble about five or so years ago, and tells the story of these people, whose homes were foreclosed, and were left to dry both by the banks, and the government. It also explores how material things shape our life decision, how it eviscerates our morals, and how far we are willing to go to be “safe” in this world. Michael Shannon plays Rick Carver, a real estate mogul who prey on families who have foreclosed homes. Andrew Garfield (Dennis Nash) plays a father whose home was rendered to the bank, and Carver is the one who facilitates their exodus. In a twist of fate, Nash starts to work for Carver, and gets caught in his business practice. Garfield is excellent here: sensitive, vulnerable, and even when caught in the devil’s temptation, conveys morality and integrity. Shannon is cunning and devious, but he never plays it as a caricature. At times, you even take his side when he says “Never get emotional with real estate.” (I agree with him – never get emotional with anything) they play ff each other excellently, and I hope this bodes teh way for both their careers. (Didn’t I just rave about Shannon for his portrayal in “Freeheld”?) I was more pleasantly surprised with Garfield, since I never paid attention to his Spiderman things, so I had little exposure to what he can do. This is the kind of movie that will make you think, will make you react. I highly recommend this movie : it’s a thriller without being slashy, it’s violent without blood or physical force. Look for it – it’s worth the search.

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