Love By The Book (Book Thoughts: This Book Will CHange Your Life, Amanda Weaver”

26171428Books and Romance – it’s the perfect combination, isn’t it? And that’s what exactly is in Amanda Weaver’s  “This Book WIll Change Your Life,” wherein Hannah and Ben meet at a used book store where he recommends a book to her (‘The Book Thief’) and they start falling in love with each other with and through the books that they read. This is a pretty cute novel, a little slight, but it works nonetheless. I haven’t been having a good week, and it was perfect to take my mind off things, and I think it’s slowly taking me out of the reading rut that I have entered. And it rekindle my love for used books – how, in the book, Weaver writes that they “tell more than one story.”  But as much as I love the feel and smell of a good used book, the convenience of a Kindle trumps.

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