Holiday Rimes (Music Thoughts: Today Is Christmas, LeAnn Rimes)

- LeAnn-Rimes_TIC_Cover_LORESHere we go again, and I am now writing about my first Christmas album this year, and it’s LeAmm Rimes’ Today Is Christmas.’  It would take a Christmas miracle for me to have a happy Christmas again this year. I know I sound cynical, but it would take a lot for me to get that Holiday spirit again – or ever. Plus, none of the new Christmas albums this year have excited me, and I didn’t think Leann Rimes’ holiday album would do it. Well, I was right. Rimes’ album is okay. I actually think it is slightly better than okay – she has good musicianship and she definitely has a good voice. And she sings with a little more intelligence than a lot of her contemporaries. And her two original songs here – the title track and ‘I Still Believe In Santa Claus’ are actually quite good songs – with strong recalls and stellar arrangements. The rest is you usual fare – your usual God Rest ye Merry Gentlemens and Little Drummer Boys and Frosty the Snowmans – but I’ll be darned because  “The Heartache Can Wait” almost moved me. Maybe closer to the date I will listen to this again and it might move me more, but right now, I am still heartbroken to care.

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