It’s All A Joke To You (Movie Thoughts: Are You Joking)

MV5BMTA2Mzk2Nzk0NTheQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDE4NDg5NTYx._V1_SX214_AL_A movie about a twenty something trying to break into show business? Sounds insufferable to me – I was expecting entitled millennials bitching about how they aren’t getting what they want. And that, mostly is Jake Wilson’s “Are You Joking,” though, honestly, it wasn’t as insufferable as I thought it would be. This is because of Ss Goldberg, a young actress/comedian who co-wrote the screenplay with Wilson. Goldberg seems to be a real talent – with a great comedic flair, and perfect timing. And she has quite a bit of charm, so that even when her antics are annoying, the character doesn’t come off as unbearable.  She stars as Barb, who is working as a paralegal after dropping off from school. and is working as a part time stand up comic (Curiously, we never see her act) After she connects with her friend Billy (who gets sued by a senator for a sex tape) she takes some improv classes, and discovers new passions for her art. Wilson, as Billy,  seems to be one of those actor who seems uncomfortable portraying a gay role – he obviously tries to “queen” it up, not knowing how to build a character. You instantly know it’s fake, and never believe Billy as a character. At times, the directions seems aimless – the last quarter of the movie ran out of steam and I felt the ending was tacked on at the last minute. But, it’s definitely not a boring film, since you cannot help but watch Goldberg, who will only get better in the future.

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