Just Play The Game (Book Thoughts: What You Own, A.M. Arthur)

18740558When I was reading the blurb for A.M. Arthurr’ “What You Own,” I was excited to see that there will be a lot of showtunes featured in it, show queen that I am. And then it dawned on me that the title of the book is the same from a song from “Rent,” and then my hopes got a little deflated – I am the furthest thing from a Renthead (In fact, if there is an opposite Renthead, that’s what I would be) But okay, whatever. Ryan and Adam are friends from High School, but because of a gay bashing incident, got separated. Cue in homophobia, selective amnesia, and melodrama, and you can kind of guess where this story starts and ends. It’s fluff, and it’s of the non-interesting kind for me. As much as it should have been a quick read for me, I found myself struggling with it. Plus, I thought the sex scenes were excessive and is on the unrealistic side. Wish I liked this more.

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