Girl On A Night Out (Perfume Thoughts: Marc Jacobs Decadence)

mjdecWhenever a young-ish woman asks me for a perfume recommendation, I always tell her to go get something from Marc Jacobs. I think Jacobs does good perfumes, and the most curious part is that I don’t really own a lot of his scents: I think I have Blush, and the original Daisy but that’s about it. But for someone who’s not a hardcore perfumista, his stuff comes in the prettiest bottles, and they are mostly of the best fruity-floral variety, so for me they are always safe bets. I was at Sephora the other day and his new release Decadence caught my eye – well the bottle did. It’s in the shape of an evening bag, with snakeskin and gold chain and tassel. I fell in love with the packaging right away. I knew that if I were going to buy it, it would be mostly because of the bottle, and yes I have been known to do that (Hello, anything Moschino)  But I was surprised that the juice of Decadence impressed me as well. This is a scent that matches its packaging – adult, appealing, and quite fun to wear. I love its initial blast of plum and saffron, rich and heady, and the vetiver makes it smell fresh and clean . There’s amber here, but it doesn’t help it (it’s the clean predictable kind) and I wish the plastic rose didn’t have to make an appearance. But there are a lot of things I love about this – it’s a “big” fragrance reminiscent of something from the 80s, and this one seems more bad girl, though I have heard some people call it more masculine than feminine. But whatever, I want this, and will own it.

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