A Bad Apple (Movie Thoughts: Steve Jobs)

steve-jobs-movie-poster-800px-800x1259I have to be honest. “Steve Jobs,” the movie appealed to me only because of the movie’s writer, Aaron Sorkin, and its director, Danny Boyle. For some reason, the man himself doesn’t interest me that much. (I never saw that other bio pic movie of his, titled “Jobs”) I figured, that with the movie’s pedigree, this film would make the character more interesting. I wish I could say that was the case, and I felt like I did learn a little more about the man himself, but this film just didn’t make a personal impact on me. I mean, the film is well-written, a character study of successful but flawed man, and the fast-pace direction certainly did not make the film boring. Based on the best-selling book by Walter Isaacson, the film doesn’t particularly make Jobs endearing. (I read that his widow was against the movie) However, Michael Fassbender, who plays Jobs, is charming and irresistible and I bet Jobs himself didn’t possess those qualities. He gives a fantastic performance, giving us a glimpse of what made the man such an iconic figure. Kate Winslet, as his ever-faithful assistant, excels as well, though I felt like her character was only there to propel the plot forward. Sorkin’s trademark diarrhea of words are never more prominent here, and honestly, it tired me after a while. I don’t know, I just did nto connect to this film at all, to any of its characters or to anything in the story. I know it’s me.

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