Where’s The Party? (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 3, I Hope Josh Comes To the Party)


I guess it had to happen, but this wasn’t a great episode tonight. It seems like this is a lot of set up for something, and I don’t really know how I feel about some of the developments. Starting with the good, I like the fact that they are developing Paula’s character – we get to see her family: her husband who is apathetic and seemingly absent, an older son who seems to be some kind of psychopath, and a younger son who is not doing too well in school. We see her leave Rebecca to pick up her son from school after he stole a test. And, she is on the evening’s best musical number, an inspirational gospel-like song with the message of “face Your Fears.” It is exactly what Rebecca needed so she can go ahead with hosting her party. We find out she has a fear of parties, after a traumatic incident when she was a kid when her father left their family in the middle of her hosting a pay per view viewing of her childhood boy band, Room Temperature. But that’s about it, I thought the episode lagged for a bit – and that may be because the whole show hinged upon this party. Some of the set-ups fell flat and seemed forced. But, at the end of the show, I loved Rebecca’s little moment with Greg, when he realizes and sees in her face her feelings for Josh. I wonder what the audience consensus is on this. I bet, like me, they are rooting for the underdog.Ā  But next week’s previous are promising – we see Greg and Rebecca in a tux and gown romantic musical number, a la Astaire and Rogers. I look forward to hearing Santino Fontana sing.


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