A Gokey Christmas (Music Thoughts: Christmas Is Here. Danny Gokey)

christmasishereI want to say I don’t know who Danny Gokey is, but maybe I do now who he is. Or maybe I really don’t. Apparently, Gokey was a contestant on American Idol, finishing third place, but I am pretty sure I had stopped watching Idol by 2010, when he was on. Gokey’s has been concentrating on Christian music of late, and that’s perhaps why I don’t know much about his work. He has a nice pop voice, with a husky feel reminiscent of Michael McDonald (not as interesting, though) We get run-of-the-mill arrangements of your regular holiday songs here – The Christmas Song, White Christmas, O Holy Night. They all sound like songs you would hear as you do last minute shopping at Target, but I guess they would serve their purpose: well-sung, harmless white bred versions of these staples. Dis I like teh album? I wish I had a stronger feeling for it – positive or negative. To my ears, they just sound so devoid of character, so filtered, so processed that it is more a “product” than real music.

One thought on “A Gokey Christmas (Music Thoughts: Christmas Is Here. Danny Gokey)

  1. I liked him on American Idol and felt bad for him at the time because his wife had just died prior to him auditioning. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy and he has a good voice. However, Adam Lambert stole my attention away from Danny after a while. 🙂


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