Marketing Savages (Perfume Review: Sauvage, Christian Dior)


Dior Sauvage had everything going for it, and it was for me, the release that I was most excited about last Fall. Let’s start with the fact that it’s Christian Dior, probably my favorite of all the classic houses. And, its name, which makes me think it is related to Eau Savage, probably my favorite scent from their men’s line. And, okay, let’s even throw in Johnny Depp, the face of the release. But I remember distinctly lat August, when I first sniffed this. I was at Istanbul Airport Duty Free Shop, and I was all ready to be blown away by this, only to be sorely disappointed. I mean, that was it? A generic-smelling men’s fresh cologne? The bar was set too high that I was so distraught by what I got. I remember not getting it, but before leaving, going back to spray some more. I know I wanted to give this another shot. Cut to…today when I was at Sephora. I was running out of things to try when I saw Sauvage again, and told myself, okay, spray it so you can properly think about it. And I honestly, I was still disappointed. But, this time I thought more about this. Yes, this was probably created by Francois Demachy to be the Dior counterpoint to Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel (right down to the ‘blue’) and you cannot blame them. I will even bet that this will be a big seller come Christmas time. I just can’t ehlp but get disappointed again – the “peppery bergamot” they describe in the press release translaes to synthetic bergamot to me. But there’s something that gets me, in the middle phase and dry down, the woodsy Ambroxan comes on strong, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t have that unmistakable Dior note – it’s fresh, alright, but it’s expensively fresh. I can see myself wearing this on those hard-to-pinpoint days. Am I just being a Dior fan boy? Perhaps. Am I just enamored by the beautiful bottle, reminiscent of their PrivĂ© bottle? Of course. But I know I should probably have this in my collection at some point. Call me crazy.

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