What You Left Behind (Book Thoughts: After You, Jojo Moyes)

25026542I am not a big fan of sequels. In more cases than not, they never get the spirit of the original, and more often than not, they are done for $$$. I had gotten Jojo Moyes’ “After You” a while back, but had been reticent to read it. As I had a long weekend, I decided I might as well start reading it. And I had to remember what I thought of the first book, so when I checked my Goodreads review, I found I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. (I have the mistaken notion that I loved it) So now we get to follow Louisa as she deals with Will Traynor’s death. The one thing I loved about this book is how accurate it shows the grieving process. I know – I’ve been there, I am still there. After a death, you feel like you have to reevaluate your purpose, and Louisa went through that. She also discovers that Will had a daughter he didn’t know existed, and she has to deal with introducing her to his family. Again, I wish I could say that I loved this book, but I only like it. I wish I could say I loved Louisa throughout the book, but there were times when her character infuriated me. But – I admire Moyes for having her sick to her guns – it made for a more three dimensional character. Otherwise, the plot wasn’t too interesting for me, and the characters around her weren’t enough to keep me engrossed. And, I think the book could have been trimmed a little bit. But, as I said, there were touching parts that make it good enough to feel I didn’t waste my time reading it. I know they have made a movie of the first book (A friend of mine actually went to a sneak preview of it) and I am looking forward to seeing these characters on the big screen.

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