Settled (Television Thoughts: Please Like Me, Season Three…So Far)

267014-1I have now watched the first three episodes of Season Three of “Please Like Me,” and I think it’s their best season yet. I have seen most of the first two seasons, and they were good, but I wasn’t moved enough to write about it – positively or negatively. But maybe there’s something about Josh’s character in the show (played by Josh Thomas, who also writes the series) being settled that gives the series a certain…grounding, perhaps is the word I am looking for? But I liked the fact that his relationship with Andrew (Keegan Joyce) has solidified. The pilot episode, “Eggplant” was its best yet, where Josh and Andrew agrees that the relationship has elevated to the next level, and they both even say “I Love You” to each other, and all that entails. It had that adorable scene at the end, which is a take off of the cardboard scene from “Love Actually.”  Then it breezes through Andrew’s coming out to his family, and how he was shunned by his father (That last episode made me laugh and cry at the same time) I also love Josh and Tom’s friendship – it reads so real, probably because they are also best friends in real life. I only look forward to what the series will bring on next.

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