Her Brand Is Sandra (Movie Thoughts: Our Brand Is Crisis)

our-brand-is-crisisIt’s very disheartening to find out that “Our Brand Is Crisis” did so poorly at the box office that it has become Sandra Bullock’s lowest opening-weekend movie in history. This is far from her worst movie, it just failed to achieve its potential. And it is kind of a hard sell, with a title that’s a little confusing. It stars Bullock as Jane Bodine, a political strategist hired by a Bolivian incumbent candidate who is struggling to retain power. The movie is based on a true story, and from a documentary of the same title, which chronicled that campaign. (Bullock changed the real life character from a man to a woman) I thought the movie was fairly entertaining, and is exactly what you get from a Sandra Bullock movie – her fans would enjoy her here. But the plot may be a bit too complicated for middle America (I read an article in Hollywood Reporter that people in the middle states had problem with the accents, which is baffling since they really weren’t hard to understand) The movie makes you think, of how we elect our public officials, and that everything is now based on marketing a “message” instead of real political discourse. Nothing new, of course, but still, this movie aims to say something important, which makes it even sadder that few are getting that message.

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