The Underdog (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girldriend Episode Four – I Am Dating Josh’s Friend)


My heart is breaking for Greg. He is obviously smitten – in love, even – with Rebecca and we finally see their song-and-dance number (in black and white) inspired by Astaire and Rogers…and it’s a beautiful song, a romantic scene, and quite sad. Greg tells Rebecca, basically, that he knows he is in love with someone else, but even though his mind is telling him not to fall for her, his heart is telling me otherwise (Isn’t that always the case?) So against his will, he asks her out for a date, and upon Josh’s prodding, she says yes (She will do anything he says!) And they go on this date, and it’s going well, until Rebecca sabotages it, and he leaves Greg crushed. You know what, Greg. You don’t deserve her (I’ll take you!) I don’t understand why they are making Rebecca so unlikable – maybe they are taking us to an unexpected end game, but right now I am just so mad at Rebecca. Sorry, but that’s just how I feel. Elsewhere, I think it’s interesting that we now see Josh’s father, who is so unmistakably Filipino down to his accent, and I thought that was kind of interesting. But, I am still mad at Rebecca, and right now I just can’t get over it.

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