Mele Kylie-kimaka (Music Thoughts: Kylie Christmas, Kylie Minogue)

Kylie_Minogue_-_Kylie_ChristmasWasn’t I just lamenting that there aren’t any Superstar Christmas albums this year? Well, I found out there is at least one: from Kylie Minogue. I’ve listened to it twice now, and I am kind of in love with it. It’s a mixture of the traditional and Kylie, and they’re equal parts adorable. And, to my ears, it’s still very Kylie. To my ears, she has a distinct voice, and her sound – peppy and jaunty – is perfect for these Christmas carols. I wish the producers were Scott Aitken Waterman and her old sound. This release owes more to her current style, which is a sort of a Britpop meets Light-Madonna hybrid. It’s still good. My favorite track? “Only You,” which is her duet with James Corden. It’s a Yazzo song from the 1980s but the British always associate it with Christmas because it was the number one song from Christmas 1983. She pulls all the stops here – there’s a collaboration with Iggy Pop (“Christmas Wrappings”) and a duet-with-the-dead track with Frank Sinatra (“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”) Even her originals (“White December” and “Christmas Isn’t Christmas Till You Get Here”) are fun and instant Holiday classics. This album just might put me in almost Holiday mood – it has the spirit, for sure.

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