Bad Addiction (Movie Thoughts: Addicted To Fresno)

images“Addicted To Fresno” is trying to be a black comedy with a heart, and therein lies the crux of its problem. the film, directed by James Babitt isn’t really funny enough to be a comedy, never mind dark enough to be a black one. IT has a little bit of a heart, I have to say, but that’s only thanks to good performances by Judy Greer, as Shannon and Natasha Lyonne, who plays Martha. The two of them play sisters rekindling a lost relationship. Shannon is the main problem here- she is a sex addict, a registered sex offender even. Martha ha gotten her a job at the hotel where she is working as a cleaner, and somewhere along the way there’s an unintentional murder, a tasteless Bar Mitzvah, and a sweet lesbian love story. It feels like all of the those shouldn’t be in the same sentence, and the film doesn’t make it work. You can almost see Greer and Lyonne working overtime, trying to make sense of this film. They never stood a chance.

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