For Good (Television Thoughts: Crazey Ex Girlfriend Episode 5, Josh And I Are Good People)


For the first time since I started watching this show, I did not feel like writing about it. I didn’t like this week’s episode: it didn’t make me laugh, even he musical numbers were lackluster, and I feel that the direction of the show is starting to become mean-spirited. The episode starts with Rebecca and Josh having boba, and guess who they see: Greg. I am still not on point as to how he was treated, and at least Rebecca understands and is cognizant of what she has done. Greg tells both of them – you are terrible people – and we get an episode full of both of them trying to backtrack and “make right.”  Rebecca, of course, goes the extreme way – she starts buying stuff for people, and she finally takes on her boss’s divorce case, and even managing to get him temporary full custody of Madison, his daughter. Of course, she is doing all of this for show, to appease her own guilt. Josh goes the religious route, by going to confession. The priest asks him to do some reflection, and by the end of the episode he comes to a decision about his attraction to Rebecca. He confesses this to her, and she never hears anything more than him saying “I am attracted to you.”  This after Rebecca gives a sincere apology to Greg. I just found the last part just left a bad taste – yes we want to see Rebecca kind fo suffer for what she did, and she does, but to tag that thing at the end. Well, it feels like we are back to square one. Do I want Greg for Rebecca? I don’t really know. But I think he still needs to be treated better. And I really need to get some fresh air because this show is suffocating me right now!

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