Sexual Shades Of Gray (Movie Thoughts: In The Grayscale)

257547-in-the-grayscale-0-150-0-225-cropWhile sexuality is fluid, identity from it may be not.  Chilean Claudio Marcone explores that grey area between gay and straight in the movie in the movie “In The Grayscale” (En la Gama de los Grises) The Kinsey Scale puts sexual orientation as not as black or white as it seems, for a lot of people fall in the middle, and often than not identify somewhere in that grey scale. Bruno (Francisco Celhay) has been in a heterosexual marriage, and even has an adorable son. But he has moved out of the house, to the puzzlement of his wife, Soledad. While working on an architectural project, he meets a carefree gay man, Fer (Emilio Edwards) and develops an attraction to him. Marcone doesn’t rush things, so we see the relationship develop and bloom in a very organic manner. (There’s even an off screen first kiss episode) When they finally get together, it makes sense to the viewer, and the sex scene is realistic and hot. But as things escalate, and the relationship is revealed, Bruno questions what he really wants and desires, and we all know how complex any case can be. A lot of people have compared this to Andrew Haigh’s “Weekend” but this is even more nuanced – there are bigger things at stake, and this is a broader picture than a meaningful one night stand. It is an immensely fascinating movie, one that is even layered with issues of religion and how different cultures look at sexuality and sexual orientation. The imagery of Santiago, Chile is stunning, although Marcone hammers us with a metaphor of an old bridge that may translate to an overkill.  But this is the real deal, a gay movie that makes you think, makes you explore, and makes you fall in love – a magical trifecta.

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