WIth A Capital T (Book Thoughts: Troublemaker: Surviving Scientologyy And Hollywood)

2tro6827675I knew that Leah Remini’s memoir “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood And Scientology” was going to be juicy so I wanted to read it, even though as an actress, I don’t really think she is all that (just another ‘street smart savvy’ New York actress)  But truly, this book is amazing, as to how she tries to “explain” Scientology. Even though I had to read some sentences twice to get the fist of what she is saying. I think it helps that she tries to explain it in the most objective way possible, at the same time explaining why she got caught in it. It makes sense how Scientology can lure people in its web of deceit, but what baffles me is how people stay in it, despite the doubts in their minds. She feels the same way, and is as baffled as the reader making us empathize with her, and sympathize. Based on her descriptions, you see that this cult is bat shit crazy, and the people running it are nothing short of crooks. Remini weaves her life experiences through her relationships with Scientology, and it is fascinating, and the book is literally a page turner. Some of her other experiences were run of the mill, and I can sense her holding back when she writes about her experience at “The Talk.” But we all didn’t come here for that, we wanted to hear about what she went through with Scientology, Tom Cruise, et al. And we get that. Thanks for your trouble, Leah

3 thoughts on “WIth A Capital T (Book Thoughts: Troublemaker: Surviving Scientologyy And Hollywood)

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