An American In Paris (Movie Thoughts: Bad Boy Street)


MOV_cf1fa692_bMy heart breaks for people in Paris. Truth be told, I just don’t get along with city, but of course this does not mean that I wish it harm, or I will rejoice when something bad happens there. I can only say a prayer to the Universe for proper healing.

And maybe now is the right time to write about “Bad Boy Street,” a movie I saw recently that is set in Paris. It’s a story of two ships passing in the night, and it’s in the most romantic place in the world. Even in the shaky camerawork here, Paris looks never less enchanting, and when they sit right by the love locks bridge, you can’t help but appreciate the city – and that includes even me. Claude (Yann de Montero) picks up a guy on  the street, and takes his home – he is a drunk American. he wakes up and the guy introduces himself as Brad – and they have a whirlwind overnight affair. He later finds out that this American is a famous movie star named Aaron Davis, and before he knows it, his manager is at his office asking him to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, and a statement that they never did anything. He is, of course, heartbroken. Todd Verow directs this low-budget film, and the budget does show at times, but there is a lot of charm here to compensate for that. Add to that natural passionate performances from Montero and Kevin Miranda (who plays Brad/Aaron) and I found myself swept in. This is one of those love stories where the ending rarely matters. If the audience feels the love between these two characters, then the movie has already succeeded.

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