Blood Sauce (Televison Thoughts, My First Thanksgiving With Josh, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 6)


The Thanks giving episode – every show has one, and in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” it was crazy. I was starting to lose interest in the show last week, because I am starting to not like Rebecca, but this episode pulled me back in, in a lot of different ways. First off, Greg. He really seems to be the heart of the series, and Santino Fontana knows exactly how to play thsi character. When he is on, I forget about whoever else is on the scene with him. And he got a heart breaker of a story line this week: just as he has decided to quit his bartender job and start business school, he has to give all of that up so he could take care of his father (sound familiar?)  When that happened, the water works started to pour it almost created a flooding.

Rebecca gets sucked into a Paula plan: to get herself invited to Josh’s family Thanksgiving dinner. And here things get weirdly familiar for me. Josh’s character, of course, is Filipino, so there come an avalanche of Pinoy references, with even Rebecca cooking “Dinuguan” (a dish made of pork with pork blood sauce) to bring to the party. (And she even tries to learn Tagalog) His family, of course, loves Rebecca, and prefer her over Valencia. (“Asians don’t like stupid people”) and just as she thinks she has got the whole thing in the bag, well, things don’t turn her way. Which brings both Rebecca and Greg to the same place, and yes, since i have been rooting for Greg all this time, that whole thing sat well with me. I wonder if the show is going on hiatus.

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