The New Me After Adultery (Book Thoughts, The Replacement Wife, Rowena Wiseman)

25956845Rowena Wiseman’s “The Replacement Wife” seemed, at first glance, a cutesy rom-com type of story (see even the cartoon-ish cover) And it even starts out that way. Luisa, married to Luke, seems to be in a very unhppy marriage, and in a picnic, meets Jarvis, a sculpture artist she instantly falls for. So she concocts this plan of finding a “replacement wife” for Luke, so she can be set free to be with Jarvis. Some mishaps occur – one she hires as a nanny to comic results, another who she realizes is a type of woman/mother that she just can’t deal with. But then there’s Suzi, an author she works with, who hits it off with Luke – and the two begin to have an affair. All systems clear, right? At this point, the tone of the book becomes serious, and all the internal analysis that Wiseman uses for Luisa’s character suddenly make sense. It’s all fun and games till somebody gets hurt, and Luisa realizes that it is she who does. I go with the flow, and I have to admit I was affected by where the story ended up. I know that maybe Luisa, in the beginning, isn’t the most likeable, but that made her more real for me.

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