Sometimes Happiness (Television Thoughts, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 7, I Am So Happy That Josh Is Happy)

Episode 7, ‘I’m So Happy That Josh Is So Happy” isn’t my favorite episode. It’s such a letdown after last week’s very funny one. The episode begins with Rebecca stalking Josh and Valencia as they move into their new apartment, and then this event causes a downwards spiral for her, affecting her work, and forces her to deal with the depression that has overtaken her since. It just wasn’t an appealing episode for me. I didn’t really like seeing Rebecca in such a state, and the pining-for-Josh sometimes gets to me – and yes, I am aware that is the premise that the series is standing on, so it shouldn’t. But it does. And it was as heartbreaking to see Josh so in love with Valencia that he is doing everything for her, including assembling a dining room table as a gift. (And seriously, that’s Greg’s only scene in this episode?) But, I do understand why this episode exists – it’s a transitional one for this is probably the one where Josh takes a turn, and realizes the Rebecca that will make his heart flutter (As a matter of fact, we see that transition in the final scene) I think this sets up the rest of the series, wherein both Jsh and Greg will vie for her, and I even bet the cliffhanger will be who she chooses. But I could be wrong.

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